Dining principles for women after the age of 30

After the age of 30, women should pay attention to what is in the diet to stay healthy?

Over time, especially after the age of 30, the signs of aging begin to “visit” the sisters. No matter how thorough the skin care regime is, it is just an external factor. To keep your skin healthy and beautiful for a long time, you should combine skin care from the inside out, including the daily diet. The following diet will probably be useful advice for you to repel the risk of premature aging.

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Proper diet is a way to maintain effective youth. Photo: twgram.


Adding green vegetables to your diet is something that most health professionals recommend. Among green vegetables, there are many vitamin E, lycopene, flavonoid and many other antioxidants. These are nutrients that keep the skin fresh. In addition, the above nutrients also contribute to the prevention of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

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Adding vegetables to the diet is a way to prolong life and preserve beauty. Photo: topsimages.

In addition, a number of other fruits and vegetables such as broccoli, tomatoes and sweet potatoes contain carotene, lycopene, polyphenols … good for health. To help you diversify your daily dishes, you can combine them in many different ways, such as using salad dressings, vegetable stew soup …


According to health studies, women often suffer from osteoporosis earlier than men. Therefore, supplementation with calcium and vitamin D is necessary to maintain strong bones and joints. Since then, the body is still flexible and flexible to help you comfortably operate at any age. A rich source of calcium comes from foods like milk, yogurt, cheese, tofu … On the other hand, try to exercise or walk early in the morning to allow your body to absorb vitamin D.

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Aging prevention diet should have the presence of yogurt. Photo: deskgram.


Fruits contain a high level of fiber which is good for health. Insoluble fiber promotes peristalsis activity, preventing constipation. In contrast, soluble fiber linked to fat and cholesterol helps prevent diabetes, reduces bad cholesterol and fatty liver status. Some skin care fruits that you should know are strawberries, avocado, oranges, kiwi …


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To limit your appetite, you can use nuts to keep your health and beauty. Photo: Shutterstock.

At many times of the day, the craving for food makes you feel reluctant to choose which food to “fill” your stomach but does not affect your weight. What you need to keep in mind is limiting ready-to-eat, sweets or sugary foods. In contrast, choose natural foods with abundant nutrient content. Instead, you can use some light foods such as yogurt, nuts, fruits … This habit not only enhances health but also controls weight effectively.


Soy contains isoflavones that can increase water retention and enhance skin elasticity. This is also the secret of beauty for a long time for Japanese women. Soybeans are fairly affordable and easy to find. You can use soybeans to roast, grind water or use soy products. However, people with goiter should consider carefully before eating soy.

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Soy milk is essential in women’s diet after age 30. Photo: picdeer.


As the age increases, blood pressure in the body tends to increase. Advice from your doctor is that you should add more potassium to your diet every day. Potassium is a nutrient that protects the cardiovascular system, preventing the risk of effective stroke. The potassium rich vegetables you can eat are bananas, broccoli, potatoes …


As you know, collagen is an important factor that helps maintain the youthfulness of women. Providing collagen to the body is the best way to enhance the bonding between skin cells, keeping the skin firm and elastic. There are many ways to add collagen to your body. For example, fruit juice (strawberry, avocado, tomato), collagen-rich food (chicken, nuts, beef, fatty fish) or collagen drink / tablet …


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Provide enough water to keep your body healthy and your skin smooth and ruddy. Photo: Shutterstock.

Water is an important ingredient to purify and improve the function of organ systems. Drinking water is also a way to eliminate toxins, giving skin a smooth and youthful appearance. According to nutrition experts, filtered water is the secret to limiting the “appetite” to suddenly. When you feel hungry, instead of looking for something to eat, drink a glass of water to refresh your mind, resist fatigue. The helpful advice is that you should drink 2-2.5 liters of water every day. If you want to change your taste, you can mix diluted lemon juice or fruit juice instead.