What should I drink in the morning to get the best health?

After one night, your stomach will be dehydrated and need to be replenished with water. But which kind of water is the most useful to ensure health and give us a new day? Healthadapt will tell you right away, very nutritious drinks at sunrise just below.

1. Filtered water

The human body has more than 70% water, so water is very important for all our activities. When the body has enough water, the mind is also alert, refreshing, lucid, healthy to start the day.

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A cup of filtered water every morning is the simplest way to ensure health and beauty

On the contrary, if the body is not supplied with enough water, it is prone to diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, migraine, angina, colitis, digestive disorders, high blood pressure, obesity, hemorrhoids. , breast cancer, tuberculosis, kidney stones, sinusitis and uterine cancer.

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Soak lemon in filtered water to create a nutritious and delicious drink

You can add a few slices of fresh lemon to a glass of water when you drink, so it can remove toxins that accumulate in your body and improve your skin clearly.

2. Green tea

Drinking warm green tea every morning helps our spirits clear and strengthen the immune system. Besides, green tea helps prevent high oxidation, limit wrinkles and prevent aging effectively.

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A glass of hot green tea every morning brings unexpected effects to the body

In addition, drinking green tea before morning exercise can help speed up the burning of excess fat. For those who want to lose weight, this is also an extremely effective method.

3. Ginger tea

Ginger tea is rich in vitamin C, magnesium and anti-inflammatory properties. Drinking hot ginger tea in the morning works to enhance blood circulation and digestion, reduce stress, enhance the body’s immunity.

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Warm ginger tea in the morning helps you have a better breakfast

In winter, drinking ginger tea every morning can also make your body a lot warmer. You can also add one or two spoons of honey to your ginger tea cup. Honey ginger tea is both warm and medium, and can burn excess fat. Women who want to lose weight cannot ignore this drink.

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Honey ginger tea is very fragrant, helping the body stay warm in the cold wind days

Winter is approaching, please refer to How to make simple but delicious ginger tea  to keep your body warm, ensure health and beauty.

4. Honey lemon juice

Honey lemon is a favorite drink of many women in the early morning. Honey and lemon are both easy to drink, delicious, and bring many useful benefits.

A beautiful, fresh lemon flavor

Honey lemon has long been known to be a healthy drink

Drinking lemon honey every morning helps stimulate the digestive system, providing water to the colon, helping to avoid constipation. This is also a diuretic mixture, which helps to clean the urinary tract and ensures you don’t get an infection.

A beautiful, fresh lemon flavor

Honey lemon juice also improves the digestive tract, helps to brighten the skin, while minimizing diseases such as flu, abdominal pain, …

Honey lemon juice has a lot of useful effects for the body, but not everyone knows how to mix “properly” to fit your taste, while ensuring the retention of nutrients in honey and lemon . You can refer to Usage and how to use lemonade – honey to make this nutritious drink the most delicious way.

5. “Blue” juice

Most green vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber for the body. If you are afraid to eat breakfast or often eat nutritious breakfasts, a cup of green vegetable juice will help you add all the nutrients you need.

Have a delicious and delicious vegetable juice

Juice from green vegetables contains vitamins, minerals and fiber to help improve body shape and health

In addition, “green vegetable” juice also has a good support for weight loss. Drinking fruit juice before or after each meal will give you a feeling of fullness, limit fat absorption and prevent excess fat from accumulating, contributing to burning excess fat effectively.

If you still wonder about how to make this drink properly, try referring to How to make a simple vegetable smoothie  that is extremely beneficial for this body.