How to purify the body with natural materials


Purifying the body with lemon juice, known as the “master of body purification”, is one of the most popular and popular ways to cleanse the body by receiving support from celebrities. . In order to carry out body purification in this way, you need to prepare drinks from pure water, lemon juice, maple leaf syrup (maple syrup) and cayenne pepper powder for use in 3 to 10 days. Body purification with lemon juice helps the toxins be excreted from the body, while helping you lose weight.

how to purify the body

Lemon juice is one of the most popular and popular ways to cleanse your body

– To make a glass of lemonade, you mix 4 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice, half a teaspoon of cayenne paprika and half a teaspoon of organic maple leaf syrup with about 300ml of pure water. Prepare a sufficient amount of water for you to drink in a day with a formula 4 to 5 times the ratio.

Apples and ginger

This way of purifying the body is not as harsh as with lemonade, the time is shorter – only 1 day a week – and you can have a snack during the time of body purification. Moreover, the ingredients in apple and ginger solutions also have a seed shell – providing fiber, which helps to collect the residues together so that they are easily removed from the body.

how to purify the body

Purify the body with apples and ginger

– To make a body-clean drink from apples and ginger, mix or grind finely ground ginger and coded powder with a ratio of 1: 1 and about 250ml of fresh apple juice (can be added.

– After drinking this mixture, you should drink plenty of water during the day to help the digestive system work better.

Salty water

Using salt water is also a popular way of purifying the body. Salt is a natural antiseptic that effectively removes waste products from the digestive tract. In fact, this method is so effective that it is seen as a cost-effective way to replace the expensive hydrolysis cleaning of the colon. You only need to drink 1 cup of salt water at an empty stomach, wait for 1 to 2 hours for salt water to move through the intestine and end with repeated toileting to remove residues in the gastrointestinal tract.


how to purify the body

Salt water is a popular way of purifying the body.

– For salt water solution, mix 2 teaspoons of unrefined and non-iodized sea salt with about 2 liters of warm pure water. Drink this solution early in the morning, after waking up. You have to finish drinking as quickly as possible, so use a straw if you want.

– After that, you should lie on your right side for half an hour to make the saline solution flow into your small intestine more easily. At this point, make sure you are close to the WC because you will need to go to the toilet.

– Sometimes, acute diarrhea and vomiting will occur after you drink the saline solution. These symptoms are normal, not worrisome and will subside within 1 or 2 hours.

– People with poor digestion or kidney problems should not apply this body purification. Contact your doctor if you have questions regarding the use of salt water to purify your body.