Lady’s makeup style: Elegant and passionate

Anyone who is envious of the beauty and elegance of French girls sometimes. Beauty is always natural, liberal and carries a bit of rebellion. French women seem to always be “calm” to be beautiful. They are often not too picky about lipstick. If compared to the Italian girl, the part is less colorful, with the English girl is quite simple, and for American girls, it is twice as elegant. But why is their beauty always attractive, romantic like French love poems themselves?


To become a genuine French lady, you should start with skin care. Any French makeup will start with a healthy skin. Wash your face with a mild detergent product. Use a little toning toner to firm up and balance the pH for the skin. Next, apply moisturizer, create a smooth film for the skin. Finally, don’t forget sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun.

09 French style makeup lessons

Good skin care before plating for a natural foundation. Photo: mangoandsalt


Beauty in France always likes to impress the most natural appearance. Therefore, a smooth stretch of substrate by combining foundation cream and moisturizer is always their typical beauty recipe. This secret helps the substrate to be naturally plump, healthy.

11 learn French makeup

Mix the foundation cream and moisturizer to make the foundation shine. Photo: pardonmyobsession

12 learn French makeup

Another idea is to conceal the natural look of the eye area, rather than mixing it with eye cream. Photo: pardonmyobsession

Never ask a French girl how to make a block or bronzer. All the accents on the background are just a slight blush. They also rarely use highlighter to light up. French girls like to use dry oil products to look naturally radiant.


In France, women are often not “obsessed” by hitting eye colors as much as European-American girls. Although it is the most elaborate “Frenchie” dress girl who will remain faithful to neutral eyes. They just like to paint slender eyebrows,  sharp eyeliner and never forget mascara.

04 French makeup lessons

If you want to make eye makeup like French girls, then a natural eyebrow shopper … Photo: modetheandcity

10 French makeup lessons

… enough eyeliner and some mascara. Photo: pardonmyobsession


Right! French women especially favor red lipsticks. Just walk around the streets of Paris and notice French girls, you will hardly find any lipstick other than red. Pink colored bars or earth tones are almost non-existent in Paris.

07 French makeup

French women like to use red lipstick. Photo: modetheandcity

02 French makeup lessons

Red lipstick helps girls become more radiant and attractive. Photo: bettyautier

03 French makeup lessons

French makeup style always comes with red lipstick. Photo: Beauty blogger Caroline

This is completely understandable, because this is always the symbol of the women of all time. Like a “miracle”, red lipstick will give French girls a powerful and sexy charm.


Red lips, sharp eyeliner, fresh skin and light tangled hair have created a very French makeup style.

Maybe the French makeup style will not stand out like the colorful makeup style of other European-American girls. But in this simplicity and elegance, there is always a compelling attraction to the opposite. The features of your face will be adorned, but still naturally strangely serene.