The menu is effective for each skin problem



Skin hyperpigmentation such as freckles may be a manifestation of a lack of vitamin B in the body, especially B12. In addition, this may also be the result of changes in female sex hormone levels, often seen in pregnant women or oral contraceptives.

The menu works beautifully for every ft skin problem

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Which beauty menu should you pursue?

Vitamin C, E, grape seed extract and antioxidants such as ellagic acid can help you remove pigment spots on your skin if used properly. Citrus fruits, strawberries, kiwi, tomatoes and pomegranates should be added to your daily beauty menu.

Freckles and melasma may be worse if you do not protect your skin from the sun. Besides applying sunscreen regularly, you should eat more antioxidant-rich foods such as grapefruit, pineapple, plum, berry, cabbage, broccoli, chili, spinach and buckwheat.



Research has shown that diets with high blood sugar levels can increase the activity of the sebaceous glands. In humid, hot weather or if you maintain an unconditional lifestyle, this situation will get worse.

Vegetable beauty menu for ft oily skin

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Which beauty menu should you pursue?

Even good cosmetics can only help you limit the oil shine temporarily. To correct the skin condition, you should change from inside, starting with more vitamin A tolerance. Foods high in vitamin A include mangoes, carrots, egg yolks, apricots and prunes, spinach, sweet potatoes.

Besides, you should cut down on foods with high sugar content. White bread, white rice, pastries, potatoes and pasta should appear less in your daily ration.



Foods with high blood sugar levels are once again a “crime” that contributes to severe acne. You may also find that people who have spilled oil often get acne. When pores get lubricant and dirt makes clogs, acne will have a chance to break out.

Vegetable beauty menu for acne skin

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Which beauty menu should you pursue?

People with acne first of all need to abstain from sugar-rich foods, typically industrial pastries. You should eat boiled and steamed green vegetables; Drink plenty of water and supplement polyunsaturated fatty acids to soothe acne inflammation. Specifically, this is a “golden” food for you: Nuts, walnuts, linseed oil, seaweed and seafood.



Not only is the expression of lack of water, dry skin shows that your body is lacking in cholesterol and excess vitamin E. Pretty unexpected right?

Beauty menu for dry dry skin

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Which beauty menu should you pursue?

The treatment of dry skin from the inside is to increase the concentration of monounsaturated fatty acids. Foods rich in these are beans, seaweed, eggs, soybeans, butter, peanuts and most other nuts. If you do not pursue a vegetarian diet, you should eat white meat and fish more. In particular, tuna, salmon, mackerel, mackerel, basa fish are the best choice.



Once again, the road is responsible for destroying the skin. The diet has a high blood sugar index, which causes your skin to become sagging, wrinkled and burnt early. Besides, if you are a follower of alcohol and stimulants in general, aging will come to you faster.

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Which beauty menu should you pursue?

Since more than a decade ago, US researchers have found that antioxidants can help rejuvenate the skin. And this substance is abundant in soybeans, seaweed, and green vegetables.

Living evidence is located in Sweden, where traditional eating is rich in antioxidants. The Swedes eat a lot of dark green vegetables like bina and asparagus, celery, eggplant, garlic, onions … Their diet has almost no red meat, sugar, avocado (including margarine) milk and milk. Other dairy preparations.



Dark circles around the eyes are an eternal symbol of lack of sleep, but that’s not all. It may also be a sign that your body is not well tolerated by nutrients, dehydration or an allergy. It must be another surprise!

Tuna beauty menu

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Which beauty menu should you pursue?

If you have sufficient sleep, take care of your skin carefully and do not have congenital dark circles, consider your body being allergic. In this case, you should probably go to the appropriate specialty, combined with limiting lactose-rich foods. For the time being, you should stop eating dairy products, instant coffee, bread, chips and artificial sweeteners.

If you don’t even have allergies, drink more water and abstain from coffee for at least a month. In addition, you should eat more iron-containing foods to help increase your hemoglobin levels. Red meat like beef and sheep; tuna; Egg yolk and buckwheat are the ideal choice for you.