Vegetarian boy but has championed the bodybuilder

Len Chui Hin (Hong Kong) believes that vegetarianism helps shape well as well as contribute to protecting the environment.

In November 2018, Len Chui Hin-chun was 22 years old, winning the Men’s Fitness category at Olympia organized by the Natural Fitness Association. This is a success that proves Chui is fully capable of competing with other professional athletes.

However, his path to success is not easy.

Len Chui Hinung shows her body. Photo: Xiaomei Chen.

Hinui Chui wool with muscular body shape. Photo: Xiaomei Chen.

When he first started fitness at age 16, he chose food from animals like many others. Every day, Chui eats all the whites of 40 eggs and drinks every liter of milkshakes. In just 6 months, not only did he gain 10 kg, he also had many health problems.

In an interview with South China Morning Post , he said: “I have dermatitis, blisters and nasal allergies. In addition, my body fat has skyrocketed.”

Hearing the advice of traditional medicine doctors, Chui began to reduce eating animal foods and increase soy intake. As a result, muscle mass decreased, Chui still felt healthy and energetic.

After 3 years of fasting, eczema and allergies completely disappeared. It only takes 6 hours to recover to recover from an intense workout.

Currently eating a variety of whole grains, nuts and peas, provides nutrients to build muscle and maintain the same form throughout the time.

Chui in the gym. Photo: Xiaomei Chen.

Chui in the gym. Photo: Xiaomei Chen.

I realized the great benefits of a vegetarian diet for myself and the environment. They are more sympathetic to the animals. He also realized how to live on purpose on this difficult road to conquer fitness.

“When watching Unbeatable movies, Nick Cheung Ka-fai inspired me,” Chui said.

“Now, I don’t just want to be cool like him but want to show people that dieting doesn’t make you weak or unattractive.”

Not focusing on body size, Chui wants to achieve the most perfect body based on natural methods instead of using stimulants like steriod. Taking part in the first prize at 18 years old, Chui has gained many great achievements all over the world, especially in the US, Australia and the Netherlands.

When asked about the motto of life, Chui answered: “Once your eyes are closed, money is no longer important because we cannot bring them. I will devote them all to fulfill the passion in life. when possible “.

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