What items do you need for a basic makeup kit?

” There is no bad woman, only women do not know how to beautify ” – Although knowing that beautiful and beautiful is the “privilege” that women possess, yet many women refuse to do so. just because the makeup is so complicated, beauty takes a long time … But, whenever she wants to explore, the makeup world still welcomes her. Let suggest her indispensable basic products in any beauty make-up kit.

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These are two products “paving the way” in the makeup process. A moisturizer that provides moisture and nutrients to the skin, while softening the skin to make the makeup more durable. And the primer cream acts as a membrane to protect the skin from the effects of chemical ingredients in cosmetics. In addition, the support cream helps to blur pores, wrinkles … for smooth and even skin color.


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A perfect make-up layer is indispensable for foundation cream. The foundation is like a second layer of skin on the face, helping the skin to color and hide some minor imperfections. Depending on the nature of the skin and the need you will choose the right foundation cream. Such as alkaline foundation cream, foundation cream containing moisturizers, foundation cream with thin, medium, thick coverage …

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Cream foundation can only help small imperfections with a good hiding place, but for obvious shortcomings such as blemishes, dark circles … she needs the help of concealer.


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Eyebrows are considered to be life-long, playing an important role in creating psychic, sharp and serene features for the face. Although you own a beautiful, clear eyebrow, you should not skip the eyebrow step. Just a few more embellishments, the beautiful eyebrows will be more beautiful, the facial features will become deep and attractive. So, the eyebrow is an indispensable “treasure” in the makeup for beginners and professional girls.


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With just a little eye color, the eyes will become sparkling and accentuated. So, you won’t regret choosing to invest in an eyeshadow board!

Try "drunk" like the cherry blossoms with Japanese style Igari makeup
Try “drunk” like the cherry blossoms with Japanese style Igari makeup

Many times the cherry blossoms make many people flutter with gentle Japanese makeup. One of the most famous styles …

Perhaps for anyone who is “practicing” to get used to eye makeup operations, eyeliner lead is the ideal choice. Because, gel-like eyeliner, water … requires skillful skills that can make it difficult for her. Eyeliner but not sharp lines like water eyeliner but very soft, natural, easy to adjust lightness and can be used for both upper and lower eyelids. With the trend of pure makeup like Korean girls, makeup like no makeup, eyes that are close to the eyelashes, eyeliner is the brightest “candidate”.

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For eye makeup, in addition to eyeshadow and pencil, it is necessary to have mascara to combine into a perfect trio. Mascara makes the eyes look bigger, sparkling and attract more eyes.


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It can be said that lipstick is like a person “holding a balance” for all makeup look and is considered a product “MUST HAVE” in any makeup. At first, she could be overwhelmed by the many colors of “show”, but the two most desirable investment colors must be the fashionable nude lipstick and the noble red lipstick. With only two tones, it is enough to bring her confidence from the office to the luxurious party.


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Make-up brushes, beautyblender (foundation cotton) are tools to help you have beautiful spotless makeup. For example, beautyblender gives you a smooth, smooth, even-colored, concealer-brushed base that helps the cream cover to be thinned, concealer is more effective, or the eyeshadow is evenly colored, not patchy with eye brush …


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The color of the foundation cream obscures the natural glow of the skin, so a little bit of blush will give your skin a fresh vitality. And chalk blocks help your face look more compact, angular and deep, and also enhance the contours of the face.